BGP & Anycast Cloud

Our BGP Cloud hosting is geared towards enterprises and service providers with existing networks and IPv4 / IPv6 space that are either looking to expand their presence into the cloud or utilize BGP AnyCast to create a highly available service.We also provide managed managed BGP AnyCast services from our own IP space for custom built Cloud Infrastructure. Contact us to request a quote.

BGP AnyCast Hosting

In the simplest terms, BGP anycast allows you to have network level failover of IP Address space. This is accomplished by announcing the same prefix into the global routing table from multiple locations.

If one location goes offline, the global routing table adjusts automatically and routes traffic to the next nearest location announcing the IPs.

In addition to failover, AnyCast provides "best path" access to content. This means that users automatically connect to the anycast location closest to them, based on the network.

It is therefore critical that the data presented to users from the application perspective is in sync. This requires real time replication, or an architecture/service designed specifically for BGP Anycast.

AnyCast Services

Utilizing the Host Virtual, Inc IaaS platform and our global network of locations you can deliver an AnyCast Service, either by utilizing our free BGP Hosting for customers with existing IP space, or by subscribing to our Managed Cloud Hosting service.

Contact us for more details or to get started.

BGP Cloud Hosting


Use our platform and worldwide locations, in addition to your existing IP Space and ASN to create a flexible Cloud infrastructure.

Host Virtual can also announce customer owned prefixes directly, making them securely available to your deployed cloud infrastructure at no additional monthly cost.

BGP Information

  • Receive full or default routes
  • Announce minimum IPv4 /24 or IPv6 /48
  • Service available in all of our locations
  • Peer with our AS36236 or AS42210
  • Utilize industry leading Vyatta VC to deploy instantly
  • Quagga, OpenBGPD, etc. also supported.

AnyCast Cloud Options

Your own IPv4/6 Subnet

Anycast from all or select cloud locations. We can announce your space for you, or establish bgp session(s) so you control the announcement.

Shared AnyCast Subnet

Purchase a shared Anycast IP from us, deploy immediately to all of our locations.

Rent an IPv4/6 Subnet

Rent a /24 from us to Anycast (includes LOA so it can be used outside of our network)

Contact Us to discuss your Anycast project and to learn more about pricing.