Cloud Technology

Our formula is simple: Provide powerful virtualization, infrastructure, and tools that allow you to easily deploy, manage, and scale your instances on a dedicated model. To learn more visit our features page, take a look at our 21 worldwide locations, plans & pricing or why we think you should consider us.

Virtualization Foundation

Virtualization technology without compromise is critical. Why be dependent on your provider for kernel and system upgrades?

  • Fully virtualized or paravirtualized O/S
  • Dedicated resources - no overselling
  • Xen based

Redundant Infrastructure

Full accountability for our infrastructure. Why work with someone who isn't in control of their own destiny?

  • IPv4+IPv6 Network with over 1800+ peers
  • Hardware raid 10 & enterprise class servers
  • 24x7 Service Support

Management Tools

Our own 4th generation software provides a powerful control panel for cloud server deployment & maintenance.

  • Easily deploy & Manage
  • Instantly Upgrade
  • Reporting & Metrics

Not just "another provider of ..."

In the market you'll run across many players who all use the same old technology and management tools. One of our key differentiators is that we aren't "just another provider of..." software and management tools provided by an upstream vendor or project.

This is key, because it aligns with our mantra of being fully in control of the experience that we provide, and it gives us tremendous agility when it comes to delivering enhancements and platform changes. It also gives us complete accountability for the service we deliver, something that very few of our competitors can claim.

Instant Provisioning

Using our proprietary web based control panel, you can instantly provision Linux distributions to your virtual server. We give you the freedom to delete and re-provision as many times as you need without cost.

Over 519 Supported Operating Systems & Images

We currently support and maintain the latest images of Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOs, Debian, Slackware and more.

We also provide several appliances, From AsteriskNow to WHM/cPanel. Because you can run unmodified o/s on our platform, you can also install any o/s of your choice although it may not be supported.

To learn more, visit our O/S & Image Portal.

Some Platforms We Support

  • fedora
  • CentOS
  • debian
  • slackware

Let’s Talk.

We get it, there's no one size fits all solution. We're proud to be the cornerstone of many companies that handle billions of transactions a day using our Infrastructure. With our flexible technology platform, network SDN and Anycast let's have a conversation to see if we can help accelerate your business.