DDoS Protected Cloud Hosting

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks vary from regular denial of service (DoS) attacks due mainly to the extra "D," which stands for "distributed."

An attacker can then issue commands to the collective, transparently ordering the machines to attack a specific target.

Typically, a DDoS attack is launched from many machines which are generally PC's that have been infected with a virus or trojan allowing them to be controlled by a "bot herder," who gathers the infected machines into a single collective.

Using the power of the Host Virtual platform, you can deploy DDoS protected servers to our StrongVM Protected Cloud within a few minutes.

DDoS Protected Datacenter Specifications

  • Building - 7 stories, 490,000 sq. ft.
  • Utility Power
  • AC/DC - Redundant N+1
  • 2 Diverse Feeds / Separate Grids
  • 1,500 kW
  • 80,000 Gallons of fuel
  • Redundant CRAC units to cool shared spaces
  • Roof rights available
  • Total Capacity - 7 x 20 tons
  • Ceiling Height, 13 - 15 feet
  • Floor Loading - 125 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Diverse conduit entry
  • Fire Suppression, Temp: 68 to 78 degrees
  • Humidity: 45 to 55%
  • Pre-action dry pipe
  • Building Management: Maint/PMI sched.: OEM Recommendations
  • Leak Detection
  • 24x365 manned security
  • Digital video monitoring and recording
  • Telx Technicians On-Site 8am-8pm

Deploy within minutes to any of our clouds and native IPv4 + IPv6 network.

Check out our looking glass to perform traces & reverse traces, test ping latency, and more from DDoS Protected and our other locations.

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