Paris Cloud Hosting

Telehouse Paris Voltaire is one of the largest data centers in Paris. It received the "France Oscar Security Award” in 2004 from a leading French security organization for outstanding security measures, and is continuously gaining recognition from the government, mass media and related industrial associations as a prime data centre and colocation site.

The site, together with Telehouse Paris Jeûneurs, is regarded as Paris’ Network hub due to the strong points-of-presence (POP) by major carriers and ISPs.

In addition to all major carriers, Telehouse Paris Voltaire provides access to major exchanges in the region, including EQIX-PAR - Equinix Exchange Paris, FreeIX - Free Internet Exchange, PaNAP - Paris NAP, POUIX - Paris Operators for Universal Internet eXchange and SFINX - Service for French INternet eXchange.

Paris Datacenter Specifications

  • Total capacity: 7,000m²
  • Ground floor: 400m²
  • First floor: 2,200m² available
  • Second floor: 2,200m² available
  • Third floor: 2,200m² available

Two types of hosting offered
  • SFM: rack rental, half or one quarter of the racks in a shared secure environment
  • DFM: rental of an enclosed room for the customer’s exclusive use, size (from 20m²) according to requirements.
Architectural characteristics of the floors
  • Height of the raised floor: 55cm on the first and second floors, 70cm on the third and ground floors.
  • Height of the suspended ceilings: 110cm on the first and second floors, no suspended ceiling on the third floor.
  • Height under the suspended ceilings: 267cm
  • On-site electrical supply and security :
  • Two EDF ports (1 + 1) giving 10MW of power.
  • Banks of uninterruptible power supplies of 150, 300 or 400 KVA with an autonomy of 30 minutes each in N + 1 per half floor. A configuration of N+N with STS on the third floor.
  • Six electrical generators of 2MW each, configured N+1.
  • One 20,000 litre fuel tank and two of 15,000 litres to supply the generators (five days of actual autonomy at full capacity)
Electrical supply and hosting space security
  • Each rack is fitted with a 220V/32A power outlet and power supply of 1KVA with the possibility of extending this to 1.5KVA or 2KVA per bay according to the position and the electrical and air-conditioning availability.
  • Each dedicated room is fitted with a switch board with 220V/32A power outlets.  For the first and second floors the available electrical power is on average 0.5KVA per m².  On the third floor, it is 1KVA N+N per m².
  • Each outlet on the rack and each room’s switch board has its own circuit-breaker on the central fuse board.
Air Conditioning
  • Guaranteed temperature and hygrometry
  • The air-conditioning system maintains an ambient temperature of 22°C (with a tolerance of +/- 2°C).
  • The hygrometry control system maintains a hygrometry of 50% (with a tolerance of +/- 10%).
  • Fire detection
  • Fire detection system at ground level with extinction by FM200 gas (under the raised floor)  without cutting the electricity supply.
  • Surveillance
  • The security of the premises is provided by a strategically placed closed circuit TV system. An  identity and access authorisation check of each person entering the site is made at reception and at the security control point (PCS), manned 24/7.
  • First level maintenance, included in the contract, with 24/7callout:
  • On/Off switch/rebooting/replacing of electronic cards/connection port modifications.

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