Sao Paulo, Brazil Cloud Hosting

Equinix SP2 in Sao Paulo, Brazil is one of the most connected datacenters in South America.

SP2 is a Tier III-certified data center, meeting international standards that ensure the highest level of redundancy and connectivity, and is the only data center provider to offer Tier III-certified data centers in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The $22M USD addition to SP2, located in the Sao Paulo suburb of Tambore, provides space for an additional 600 cabinets, bringing the total to 1,270.

SP2 is the first data center in Brazil to use external cold air to cool the data center environment. Whenever the external temperature is lower than 62.6 degrees F, this "indirect cooling" technology pumps outside air to lower the temperature of the cooling liquid, which is used to cool the data center. Designed with sustainability in mind, SP2's water consumption will be reduced by 70 percent and power consumption by 10 percent.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Datacenter Specifications

  • 99.999+% Power availability
  • 99.999+% Temperature and humidity availability
  • 99.999+% Cross Connect availability
  • Electrical Capacity – Average of 4 kW, maximum of 12 kW, total of 12 MW of power available
  • UPS Configuration – 2 x (2 x 825 kVA (742.5 kW)) in 2N configuration - 1st phase
  • # of Utility Feeders – Two lines (N+1) - 34.5 kV
  • Utility Voltage – 34.5 kV
  • Standby Power Config. – 2 x [2,800 KVA (4 x 700 kVA)] in N+1 configuration Lighting – Fluorescent lamps (4x 14 W)
  • Cooling Capacity – 4.0 kVa per cabinet (13,648 BTUH)
  • Cooling Plant – CRAC equipment in N+1 configuration; ambient temperature within technical areas maintained at 22 ± 2°C
  • Physical – Doors (like sluice), in the building reception; security doors between reception and the production environment, which allows the passage of only one visitor at a time
  • Human – Guardhouse with 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Electronic – 24x7x365 CCTV recordings with motion detectors, card readers, biometric handscan reader plus PIN code security to servers area, perimeter security.


  • Construction Type – Concrete structural building; the data center area was build inside the building, with dry-wall system, metallic roof and special doors, with 120°C of fire protection
  • Floor Type – Anti-static 600 mm x 600 mm steel tiles; Manufacturer: Tate - 1.00 meter height
  • Floor Load Capacity – Uniform Disbursed Loading of 1,500 kg/m2
  • Slab/Height to Ceiling – 6.5 meters; (1.0 meter - raised floor); (3.5 meters - raised floor / false ceiling); 2.0 meters - false ceiling / metallic roof)
  • Base Building Constructed – 1994, Base Building RETROFITTED – 2010
  • Fire Suppression – Fire Suppression –Two different systems of detection and firefighting Intelligent detection system of smokeand heat sensor:
  • Early detection system of fire – VESDA(Very Early Smoke Detector Apparatus)Fire fighting system using inert gas(FM-200), which extinguishes the firewithout damaging the equipment, withoutcausing risk to occupants and not evenharm the ozone layer
  • Combat system type “dry-pipe” equippedwith “pre-action” valves

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