London Cloud Hosting

Our premium London data centres are designed, built and operated by engineering experts to the highest industry standards.

Our London facilities provide flexible infrastructure as standard, with number of sites featuring high-density capabilities enabling us to support the power, cooling and management requirements of the latest high density blade servers. Don’t worry if your needs change. We'll change with you.

Because our data centres are based on flexible modular infrastructure, they can easily scale and adapt to your exact requirements.All our London data centres are certified to ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, BS 25999-2 and PCI DSS.

London Datacenter Specifications


You need to know your data centre will deliver uninterruptable power to your infrastructure. That's why we double up on everything - to ensure the highest levels of resiliency and redundancy to your critical infrastructure. Whatever your power requirements, we provide flexible, scalable power densities and configuration of up to 20kW per rack. By increasing the power density, you'll need fewer racks and cabling. So you’ll save money too.

  • Flexible power densities and configurations of between 2kW and 20kW per rack.
  • Fully redundant and resilient power supplies, at a minimum of N+1, ensure guaranteed uptime.
  • Maximum diversity and separation of UPS system and power distribution through dedicated A&B supplies.
  • Every site provides back-up diesel generation at N+1 to support site load in the event of a failure of grid-power.


Each of our London data centres features a robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system which delivers stable air flow, temperature and humidity for efficient equipment operation.

  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on chilled water-cooling system.
  • Fully concurrently maintainable, dual-path secondary chilled water distribution.
  • Close Control Units (CCUs) provide conditioned air to the data floors at a minimum N+2 redundancy.
  • Our newest London data centres feature free cooling for enhanced efficiency and improved PUE.

Fire detection and suppression

Linked to our Building Management Systems (BMS) and monitored continuously from the network operations centre, our fire detection and suppression systems minimise the risk, and suppress quickly to localise and prevent problems spreading.

  • High sensitivity smoke detection systems (VESDA).
  • Fully addressable two-stage fire detection system that monitors the underfloor, room and ceiling void space (smoke and heat).
  • State-of-the-art water mist fire suppression system.
  • Network-monitored and fully integrated fire-protection system.

Security and access

Securing your business-critical data and systems is our priority. That’s why each of our London data centres is protected by security personnel and multi-layered physical security, including a secure perimeter, personal identification systems and video surveillance. We can also tailor this security to your exact needs.

  • Integrated digital video camera surveillance throughout the exterior and interior.
  • Independent client-card and biometric- identification access system.
  • Secure monitored single-person entry.
  • Unified security-breach alarm with access monitoring.
  • 24/7/365 manned security.
  • Secure managed delivery and loading bays.
  • Bespoke additional client specific security provisions available. including secured caging, private suites and zones.

Deploy within minutes to any of our clouds and native IPv4 + IPv6 network.

Check out our looking glass to perform traces & reverse traces, test ping latency, and more from London and our other locations.

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