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DirectAdmin Categories

Apache (46)

Updating, recompiling, VirtualHost templates, customizations, php safemode ...

Direct Admin (89)

Technical data related to DA and it's systems.

DNS (20)

Issues and information relating to bind (named) and the domain name system

Email (99)

Issues related to setting up and using your mailserver and mail clients

FTP (10)

Information regarding proftpd and related issues.

General Usage (15)

Basics like how to use ssh, how to login to da etc..

Install Issues (6)

Issues pertaining to the installation of DirectAdmin and it's included services.

MySQL (28)

Issues related to the operation of MySQL

System Level (35)

Issues and tips related to your system.

The customapache/custombuild scripts (35)

Issues related to compiling apache, php etc..

DirectAdmin Articles

How much do you charge for DirectAdmin licenses?

DirectAdmin licenses are free for any VR2G or greater plan.  If you want to add a DirectAdmin license to a smaller plan, the cost is $5/mo.

How do I configure a DirectAdmin license?

After installing DirectAdmin, your license needs to be configured, applied to your server, and the server needs DirectAdmins IP information updated.Please contact us with your license request so that we can activate your license and give you instructions on how to apply it to your server.