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How long will it take to set up my Virtual Server?

Once your Order is reviewed and verified by our system to complete the Order Process. You will receive a Welcome Email. You can then Login and start the deployment of your Virtual Server. Your server should be up and running within a few minutes of starting the deployment.

I just signed up. What next?

Your Account and your Order are submitted into our system when you submit Payment. You may receive a Telephone Verification call during our review to complete the Order Processing and Approval. You will receive two emails within 15 minutes. The first contains General Information about our ...

What O/S images do you support?

For an updated real time list of o/s and images we support please visit

Do you filter any type of traffic?

No, we do not filter any traffic with the exception of some IRC related ports. Our goal is to provide you with Open transit so you have the most flexibility with your connection.We do monitor traffic closely for abuse (IE spam, DoS, etc.) and will review closely if we notice any ...

What type of control panel do you provide?

We provide you with a web based control panel to instantly provision, destroy and manage your virtual servers

I just built a virtual server. Now what?

 For starters, you should SSH to your virtual server's IP address as the user root and the password you specified when creating the server. We highly recommend you immediately create a user account for yourself with sudo privileges and then disable root SSH login.You can install any ...

How do I sign up ?

The sign up process is fairly simple. Just visit and choose the plan you would like to sign up for. Click on the Buy button to add to your Cart. During Checkout, you will be presented with a form to Sign Up for an account. If you already have an account, ...

Can you help with Colocation or IP Transit for my infrastructure or Hybrid Cloud?

Yes, whether you are looking to take advantage of our existing infrastructure, or looking to complement your cloud build out in our IaaS platform to create a hybrid cloud we can work with you to provide collocation & ip transit in the following areas:ColocationSan Jose ...

How do I use the web console to access my server?

To use the web console, follow the instructions below:1. Login to the portal.2. Select your server from the list3. Select the Dashboard button4. From the Dashboard select the Console tab near the middle of the page.5. From here you will have the option of web console ( ...

Firefox web vnc Disconnected

If you get an immediate disconnect trying to connect to our web based VNC in firefox, open firefox and type: about:config to get to firefox options in your browser. Search for the option: network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS And click on the value to change it to true.