Managed Cloud Hosting

For as little as $500/mo per server we will fully manage your Cloud Environment.

Whether you are looking to fully outsource your server management, or just have critical A-Z support of your environment and monitoring as needed our simple, all inclusive managed Cloud Services SLA is the solution.

What's included?

  • 24x7x365 Support with 1hr response time.
  • 100% network uptime guarantee.
  • Migrations - 3 hour migration of your server in the event of a host issue.
  • Backups - Complete daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and response - We'll monitor your server with an unlimited number of monitors and notify our own NOC team if an issue occurs, even at the application level.
  • Complete server OS support - including OS security patches, upgrades, and application installation/troubleshooting
  • Technical consulting services - Bounce ideas, questions or get validation on new architecture or planning for your environment.
  • Dedicated account team - A dedicated contact responsible for your account that will know your server, environment and account.
  • Scalability - Free load balancing, BGP Anycast and Environment support for making your application HA/scale with multiple Cloud Servers and Geographic Locations.

How it Works

Simply add Managed Services (12mo term) to your account for a flat, $500/mo management fee. Then add management to your critical production servers as needed for a flat fee of $500/mo per server.

For non-production environments, you can add Backups, Monitoring and Server/App support for $75/mo, as long as the environment supports a production server already under management.

We also provide custom tailored solutions for your cloud architecture. Please contact us with your requirements.

How to purchase

Review our Cloud plans and pricing, and once you have a cloud server up and running simply contact us to begin the process of adding Cloud Management to your account.

Managed cPanel Hosting

We're pleased to offer two tiers of cPanel specific managed hosting. For more details visit our Managed cPanel Hosting page.

One Time Managed Fees

If you need one-time assistance and don't want to subscribe to a managed plan, we offer customers special "rescue" pricing for certain situations. Learn more.

Let’s Talk.

We get it, there's no one size fits all solution. We're proud to be the cornerstone of many companies that handle billions of transactions a day using our Infrastructure. With our flexible technology platform, network SDN and Anycast let's have a conversation to see if we can help accelerate your business.