News & Announcements

January O/S Breakdown

January shows Fedora loosing significant ground and CentOS installations taking some steam out of Ubuntu's sails.Gentoo 47%Ubuntu 27%CentOS 18%Note:  We'll likely publish these stats quarterly going forward.

CentOS Image Update to 5.1

Our CentOS image was upgraded to 5.1 final along with a few other changes.As always, if you're already running a CentOS image you can perform a yum update to upgrade to the latest version.

Gentoo Linux Image Updates

We updated our Gentoo Linux base image today. The new image (still based on the current 2007.0) includes iptables and kernel sources by default as well as updated portage.A few other minor changes (USE="nptlonly" in make.conf) etc. are also corrected in this update.As always, you can sync portage from our local portage tree and use our local distfiles mirror for Gentoo.

No Setup Fees

Use coupon code NOSETUP when purchasing one of our Virtual Servers and pay no setup fee!

Bandwidth transfer increased

We're happy to announce that effective immediately the amount of bandwidth for each of our plans has increased at no charge.The new transfer rates are:XV1: 500gb XV2: 1000gb XV3: 2000gbEnjoy!

new vClient release

We've released a new version of our vClient portal. The release brings the UI in-line with our new site and streamlines the management interface.Most of the enhancements aren't immediately visible as they are foundational pieces on the backend. We're excited about the new functionality and how we will be able to grow the platform from here.

Web based Ajax console released

We've released a web based ajax console. The console functionality compliments rescue mode and allows you to  troubleshoot your server during the boot and shutdown process.Note: the console is for troubleshooting purposes only and does not replace ssh for the best way to connect to your server!

new vClient release - Zone Management added

We've just released a new version of vClient. This comes with quite a few upgrades and enhancements, although as usual not all will be immediately visible to you directly.One of the largest (and more requested) features is the inclusion of forward/dns zone management. Courtesy of our pre-existing tool, our zone management allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains/records.Updates of zones and zone records are instant. To get started, select Tools > DNS Zones and add your domain. Once you've completed adding the appropriate ...

Slave DNS Zones

Do you run your own DNS server? If so, we've just added the ability for you to set us up as slaves for all of your domains. Offered at no charge, the new feature under our Tools menu gives you an easy way to add three additional DNS servers to your domains.Managing forward dns through our vClient isn't for everyone. If you prefer to "roll your own" you'll appreciate this added redundancy.As always, we welcome your comments and feedback on this new feature. Look for more in the coming weeks as we begin to pick up the pace of our releases.

vClient 6/14 maintenance release notes

We’re back with a quick maintenance release, as we continue to drive towards our next set of major features. In keeping with past releases, enhancements are more geared towards the core platform and not necessarily front-end or vm level features. An example of this is a new and much improved fraud prevention system. We’ve had a significant amount of abuse on our system and preventing, tracking, and reporting details to appropriate channels was a time consuming task. Look for a more detailed post on this in the near future. This update will reduce 80% of our ...

Ubuntu 8.04 & CentOS 5.2 images added

We've added new images of Ubuntu 8.04 and CentOS 5.2 for installation today. Enjoy!

Image respin

We're pleased to announce that we've released and updated all of our base O/S images. Images now include:CentOS 5.2: CentOS 5.2 ServerDebian 4.0r4a: Debian 4.0r4aFedora Core 9: Fedora Core 9Gentoo 2008.0: Gentoo 2008.0Slackware 12.1: Slackware 12.1Ubuntu Ubuntu ServerWe've also released a new, faster rescue image that is used if you are using one of these as your base o/s based off of DSL (Damn Small Linux.)Note: Console mode is not currently available for these. We're working to include this in our ...