News & Announcements

VPS Hosting - instant upgrades & vClient enhancements

We're pleased to announce several enhancements and upgrades to our service. The biggest feature is the ability for customers on our v2 platform to instantly order additional ram, disk space, ips, and bandwidth and have the resources auto provisioned within minutes. Pricing for the additional upgrades are as follows:+128mb ram $5/mo+10gb disk storage $10/mo+100gb transfer $10/mo ($0.10 per gb)You can see the full pricing and details on our addons page. Additional IP addresses and other addon costs, such as WHM/cPanel licenses do not change. To ...

cPanel VPS - cPanel Virtual Appliance updated

While a good portion of our customers use our Virtual Servers for hosting custom software, another set use it to host WHM/cPanel installations as a cPanel VPS . While you will often find us toiling away with vi, looking to get an nginx, lightthpd, tomcat or other server up -- cPanel is a great option if you want to provide an easy interface for your customers(or friends/family) with a simple and straightforward administration interface. It's for this reason that are an official cPanel reseller, and pass our exact license cost on to you. (To purchase a ...

Green Hosting - What impact does virtualization have?

Quite a few folks have written in asking just "how green" our hosting is. To us, thinking about the huge data centers, n++ redundant power, cooling, and everything else that is necessary to run a world class facility we get a kick out of realizing just how much virtualization, and the ability to consolidate workloads really has in conserving energy. We've created a Green Hosting page on our site, where we hope to have more information as we begin to put data together. Here's a start: The amount varies across the United States based upon the ...

VPS Hosting – Virtual Server Memory Upgrades

We are pleased to announce plan upgrades for memory on our VPS Hosting service. The upgrades come at no cost. After reviewing how people use our service, we recognized that memory is often the largest limiting factor in application deployment. With our dedicated resources, and now additional ram at no charge we feel that our plans are strongly positioned to provide you with the best hosting possible. The new plan upgrades for 2009 are:XV1 Plan – 384mb total ramXV2 Plan – 768mb total ramXV3 Plan – 1280mb total ramThe new plans are effective ...

Gentoo VPS - Gentoo 2008.0 Virtual Server Updated

We've just completed an image spin on our existing Gentoo 2008.0 image. Nothing major - but we've brought initial portage up to date as well as all system binaries. Gentoo is one of our more popular system images. We're looking to bring back local distfiles and portage mirrors in the next few months. To install this image, simply select the Gentoo 2008.0 option from the build page when installing a server. Thanks, the Host Virtual Team

Fedora VPS - Fedora Core 10 Virtual Server Image

We are pleased to announce that the Fedora Core 10 Virtual Server image which has been in beta for the past month has been released to full production status. The image is available from the OS tab during server installation. You can read more about Fedora 10 and the new release at the Fedora 10 project site . Thanks, the Host Virtual Team

San Jose Network Upgrades

As you are aware we’ve always worked hard to make sure you have the best network performance when reaching us. We’re pleased to announce that over the weekend we completed several upgrades, including adding Internap as a primary carrier in San Jose. Internap is considered the best of breed from a network transit perspective and gives us not only access to 8 tier 1 carriers but extensive route optimization. We’ve added the new routes into our mix with no upside cost to any service and the routes are available immediately. Thanks, the Host Virtual Team

cPanel VPS hosting - appliance updated

Our cPanel VPS appliance has been updated. It now runs VPS optimized (version 2) by default, and has some enhancements recommended by cPanel that we use during the install process. To install cPanel using our service, simply select "Appliances" from the provisioning tab and select WHM/cPanel. Give your server its hostname and other details and you're off.

vClient DNS / Zone Config updated

We've just released a new minor enhancement for the portal that brings over our DNS UI and brings the DNS tool in line with our last major release . This is a significant improvement to the UI and makes the tool much more intuitive. All existing zones/functionality continue to work with this update.A few other minor enhancements and bug-fixes have been rolled into this release as well. We're hard at work here and have some exiting announcements geared up for the new year. As always, let su know your feedback and stay tuned... ...

Minor vClient enhancement dot release

As with every major upgrade there are a few bugs that crop up or things that just barely missed making the final build. Today we've released a minor dot release with some enhancements to the vClient. Some of the enhancements & fixes include: Billing :Submit a one-time payment via your card on file before its next automatic billing attempt.One less step for one-time paypal checkouts.Management :Reset password confirmation emails on password reset.Ability to change your server name/hostname for display purposes (won't modify your ...

Trixbox VPS - Trixbox Virtual Appliance

We're pleased to announce our Trixbox Virtual Appliance (Trixbox CE for Beta testing. To get Trixbox up and running, including all necessary kernel modules simply select the Trixbox appliance from our provisioning panel. Installing and using Trixbox is very straightforward. Once your server is up and running just browse to your servers IP address and log in to the Trixbox administrative interface and continue a normal Trixbox setup. We've been testing out this appliance for several weeks and are excited to open it up for further testing. Many ...

Ubuntu VPS - Ubuntu 8.10 Virtual Appliance GA

We're pleased to announce that the Ubuntu 8.10 Virtual Appliance has moved out of beta and is now available from our base operating systems tab during installation. Be sure to check the beta tab often as we're beginning to add new beta images and appliances frequently. Beta appliances are certified/tested with a quick burn-in period and made available. Once an appliance is GA, it has been more rigorously tested and certified. Thanks, the Host Virtual Team

Ubuntu 8.10 Server VPS released

We're pleased to release an updated Ubuntu 8.10 Server image. Ubuntu 8.10 Server joins our Ubuntu 8.04 build. The installation is minimal, with only openssh-server installed for remote access. Here are a few comments from the formal announcement:In tandem with theUbuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) release, maintained for anotherfour and a half years, Ubuntu offers users a real choice between thestability and longevity of the LTS releases and the opportunity totry the latest innovations of the Ubuntu 8.10 release. No other Linuxor proprietary server ...

cPanel VPS Appliance

We've released a pre-installed WHM/cPanel appliance under our new Appliances category. You can now install a cPanel VPS in just a few minutes by using this option. The image is based on our CentOS 5.2 stable image. Once you've installed cPanel, make sure you already have (or purchase) a license from the manage screen and then browse to your server on its cPanel port to complete the setup.

Getting Cloudy

Ok, it’s true that we swore we’d never jump on the marketing buzz-bandwagon and use the over-hyped term cloud in our service. Who would know that would change when we started working on a way to help you submit and vote on features you’d like to add to our roadmap! Your feedback has always been tremendously important to us, and we keep tabs on requests or comments using various internal systems. (Read: post-its, whiteboards, back of server invoices, etc.) Now we’re changing the dynamic by providing a way for you to not only directly share your ...