VOIP Hosting


Self Service VOIP PBX in the Cloud

If you're already familiar with a VOIP PBX / distro, using our Instant Provisioning and simple step 1-2-3 wizard you can deploy our VOIP images to any of our native IPv4+IPv6 worldwide clouds in just a few minutes.

Just select an image, set the hostname, root password, location and watch it build. The VOIP appliances we provide are unmodified from their original upstream distro, and that means you can easily copy configurations, backup, and use the same environment you're familiar with - in the cloud!

Alternatively, you can install a clean base operating system like Ubuntu or CentOS and then install any VOIP system that you'd like.

Because of our support for Full Virtualization in addition to Paravirtualization, you can also use custom kernel modules and aren't limited at the o/s level. A large number of our customers are using Asterisk or Freeswitch based PBX's to provide services for themselves or their customers.

Pricing starts at just $10/mo - we recommend at least a $20/mo VR1G for VOIP appliances.

Let’s Talk.

We get it, there's no one size fits all solution. We're proud to be the cornerstone of many companies that handle billions of transactions a day using our Infrastructure. With our flexible technology platform, network SDN and Anycast let's have a conversation to see if we can help accelerate your business.