On-Demand Rescue Support

Our On-Demand Rescue Service allow you to have an experienced system administrator personally assist you in fixing any critical errors or problems with your server, without the need to subscribe to our managed cloud hosting package.

We offer two tiers of one-time rescue management services with a flat price, in additional to hourly pricing for advanced solutions on custom applications. If you do not see what you are looking for here, contact us to see if it can be added or for a custom quote.

Our basic tier of rescue services covers issuses such as: web-server rebuilds, firewall installation or re-configuration, MySQL database repair, SQL server optimization, cPanel server setup & optimization, cPanel Account Transfers (up to 35 accounts) as well as cPanel Security Hardening.

Our advanced tier of rescue services covers issues such as: custom ISO install support, cPanel Account Transfers (up to 75 accounts), legacy cPanel Server Backup & Upgrade, Malware and Virus Removal, as well as advanced application troubleshooting.

Support Rescue Pricing

Rescue Administration - Basic
  • Web Server Rebuilds & Upgrades - cPanel
  • Firewall Installation / Re-Configuration
  • MySQL Database Repair - MyISAM
  • MySQL Server Optimization
  • cPanel Setup and Configuration
  • cPanel Account Transfers (up to 35 accts.)
  • cPanel Security Hardening
  • 1 year RapidSSL Certificate (Including Installation)
one time, non recurring payment
Rescue Administration - Advanced
  • Web Server Rebuilds & Upgrades
  • Custom ISO Installation
  • Custom ISO Install Support
  • MySQL Database Repair - InnoDB
  • Legacy cPanel Server Backup & Upgrade
  • Malware Cleanup & Virus Removal
  • cPanel Account Transfers (up to 75 accts.)
  • PBX Setup, Hardening & Configuration (up to 10 extensions, 3 trunks)
one time, non recurring payment