Why Host Virtual?

If we had to sum up why you should consider us, we'd say...

  • You want a dedicated, cost effective performance with root access.
    Using our service you don't pay per minute or hour, and we don't nickel and dime you. You get a dedicated plan on a monthly basis with committed resources.

  • You want freedom to install and manage on your own terms
    With over 25 linux distributions and 519+ base images, including paravirtualized and fully virtualized images we don't lock you into our config or kernels. You can even run FreeBSD or other O/S with the right clue.

  • You want the ability to deploy to multiple clouds around the world
    We have 25 clouds around the world, all using best of class datacenters and networks to get you the best connectivity that you need.

  • You care about native IPv6 services
    We run a native, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network in ALL of our locations. No messy, underperforming tunnels to deal with. Just real, instant native IPv6. We'll even give you as many IPv6 addresses as you want, free of charge. And we've been using IPv6 since before it was sexy.

  • You want the tools to help yourself, and real support to back them up
    If you need to you can boot your server to a rescue cd from our web interface, access its console via KVM, or even mount the file system, change passwords and reset network settings. And that's in addition to the basic ability to stop/start reboot and otherwise manage your server via our self-service web interface.

  • Work with people who care about you and what you're doing.
    If things just aren't working with your server, we're here to help. Open a ticket, and if we don't respond within a few minutes we'll be working with you within an hour.