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Perfect if you're looking to deploy a server to any of our 25 locations in minutes.

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Global Datacenters

Deploy instantly to any of our 25 dual stack worldwide locations.

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Live and breathe rkt Fuel? Dock your open containers? We make you kubernetes..

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Deploy instantly to 25 Worldwide Locations

Deploy your root access linux server within a few minutes to any of our IPv4 + IPv6 enabled clouds. Manage and upgrade your server easily from our portal. Use the latest Gentoo, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and many more.

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Quick Facts

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  • Easily reboot and force reboot your server
  • Shutdown + force shutdown and Start
  • Use VNC or our web based Ajax console for out of band access
  • Set options to auto rescue your server
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  • Upgrade disk space
  • Add memory on the fly
  • Add other resources (bandwidth, ips, etc.)
  • Or just migrate to a higher plan
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  • Instantly provision over 519 images
  • Ping in minutes. As easy as 1-2-3
  • Specialized VOIP appliances, Hosting Appliances
  • Deploy i386 or x64 Fully Virtualized or Paravirtualized
  • Install from ISO, maintain your own base images
  • Migrate between locations
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  • Fully featured DNS Management with Instant updates
  • Maintain all of your domains
  • Complete IPv6 Support
  • Run your own Server? No problem - we'll slave your zones for added redundancy
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  • Granular VM control
  • Change boot loaders (PV-GRUB, PyGRUB, HVM, Host based Kernel)
  • Control # CPUs
  • Boot to virtual CD-ROM
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  • View bandwidth, transfer, CPU, and disk reports
  • Automated alerts when approaching bandwidth overages
  • Multi 10G+, redundant connectivity in all locations (looking glass)
  • Static networking configuration
  • Complete IPv4 + IPv6 support, Purchase additional IPv4 addresses
  • Get a /64 of IPv6 per server free of charge
  • BGP Support Available - announce your address space, or if you have your own ASN provide peering & full tables in the cloud (* additional fee)
  • Secure VPN (PPTP, IPSEC, etc.) options with our Vyatta Cloud Appliance
  • Multiple sub-accounts / contacts (support, billing, etc)
  • Generous Affiliate Program
  • All major payment methods accepted
  • Billing is on the 1st of the month and pro-rated
  • Purchase SSL Certificates ($20/ year)
  • Buy, transfer & manage your domains ($12.50/year for most TLD's)
  • WHM/cPanel licenses (Free for VR4G+ or $15/mo)
  • DirectAdmin licenses (Free for VR4G+ or $7/mo)
  • Softaculous licenses ($2/mo)
  • Rescue mode (boot to Finnix rescue CD)
  • Re-apply network settings
  • Reset your root password

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