Bucharest Cloud Hosting

NXDATA is one of the leading providers of data centers in Romania.

NXDATA focuses exclusively on providing the infrastructure associated with colocation / data center services: electric power distribution, environmental controls, secured physical space and access to the available telecommunications networks.

With 24x7 surveillance, NXDATA`s data centers are equipped to the highest technical standards: fire detection and prevention systems, electric power distribution systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, environmental controls, back-up Diesel generators. Our independence towards the existent telecommunication operators makes available for our customers the liberty to choose the most suitable service provider free of restraints, thus offering the flexibility required in times of economical changes for rapid business growth and expansion into new markets.

Bucharest Datacenter Specifications

  • Colocation area 400 sqm, 2 colocation rooms (Colo-1 and Colo-2). Concrete floor maximum loading capacity of 500kg/sqm. Raised floor height of 50 cm. The raised floor tiles protect against electrostatic discharge and allow antiseismic bolting.
  • Connection to the national power grid through two MT/JT 1800 kVA transformers.
  • Diesel generator capacity: 2 x 1015 kVA, N+N redundancy. 24 hour autonomy without refill. The generators are used exclusively for powering the data center.
  • UPS`s total capacity: 2 x 400 kVA. N+N redundancy. 15 minutes battery autonomy at full load. For maximum redundancy the batteries are organized in two separate battery strings. UPS bypass capacity: 800 kVA.
  • 425 kW air conditioning and ventilation system capacity. N+1 redundancy. 22° +/- 2°c operating temperature, humidity at 50% (+/-10%).
  • Fire detection systems based on smoke and temperature sensors.
  • Carbon dioxide fire suppression systems.
  • CCTV surveillance system, archived videos, 24x7 monitoring of equipments and access doors.
  • Dedicated area for unloading and maneuvering equipments; direct access to the parking lot. Dedicated storage space for customers.
  • 24x7x365 service.
  • Microwave and satellite antenna colocation roof space.
  • Direct two-way north/south access to the Netcity metropolitan network through the Dimitrie Pompeiu boulevard and George Constantinescu street.
  • Direct access to the Upground optical fiber network and to Bancpost`s data center.
  • Parking lots for customers.
  • 99.995% or 99.999% uptime SLA, for power supply and air conditioning.
  • 55 colocated telecom operators (direct customers). 24 external optical fiber cables.

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