Our platform fits all your software development needs. Are you using Containers, Continuous Deployment, looking at Clusterization / Load Balancing, Auto-Scale on demand ? Orchestrate and Automate at ease with our custom built Cloud Infrastructure.

It's an exciting time in the infrastructure orchestration/automation space. Especially for developers, tools getting sophisticated everyday and making development easier but when it comes to taking your application live there is a limited awareness on deployment with most providers.

Host Virtual aims to fill this gap by focusing on 'using the right tool' for your infrastructure to easily deploy and scale your application.

image descriptionDocker, Rkt, Kurma or Jetpack

When making technology decisions, Host Virtual continuously evaluates all available options with the goal of selecting the best technologies that are supported by upstream communities.The technologies are moving fast but we try our best to keep up. From Host Virtual's perspective, we love standardised container specification (Appc) and we believe Open Container Specification is the way towards containerization and our platform is mature enough to support most container runtime environments.

Deploy globally with our cluster level container-native stack. Setup an out of the box Kubernetes cluster, ready for your containers

  • Design a flexible architecture for your applications
  • Load balance your services automatically
  • Perform canary deployments and Rollbacks
  • Simplify your Ops and ensure higher machine utilizations
Host Virtual's Container as a Service is currently in private beta. If you live and breathe containers, either as a serious developer or an organization please contact us to learn how you may be able to receive up to 12 months of free service.

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