Network Information

We provide redundant, Tier 1 access to multiple carriers in all locations for our IPv4 + IPv6 enabled Clouds. Our networks are built out using BGP, OSPF & HSRP Handoffs.

Host Virtual, Inc operates the 10th largest global network (and 7th in the USA) by # of peers with complete dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support.

Unlike much of the competition, we have our own IPv4/6 address space and control of our networks, both via our own AS numbers in multiple worldwide regions or blended transit partners. We ensure a strong mix of leading carriers with enable and clue in each geographic cloud. We have an open peering policy and welcome peers in any of our locations.

Unparalleled multi-homed connectivity

By leveraging multiple networks we can provide you with unparalleled, multi-homed connectivity. Additionally, we use redundant Cisco routers and HSRP to ensure router and service upgrades can be completed with zero downtime or impact. We have over 90 peers and upstreams in our 25 global locations.

Full Service Monitoring

We also provide full service monitoring, from availability, to bandwidth spike/DoS alerting, and statistical graphing from multiple locations throughout the world. You can see 3rd party network uptime stats at