News & Announcements

New look, new features

We've been hard at work here since our last release, and last night we finally went GA. Most noticeable is a new and improved look and feel - not only for the vclient management panel but our corporate website. As with previous releases both sites share a common structure and IA. However, we've gone out of our way this time to distinguish the vClient and think it really works. There are too many improvements (and most importantly bug fixes!) to list, so here are some of the highlights:Improved vClient performance & web interface700% ...

VR Blog launched

We've configured a new blog for our VR Virtual Service. A big fan of hosted applications, we've opted to use TypePad's hosted blog service instead of installing wordpress/etc. in our own infrastructure.It's always interesting to explore a hosted application and we'll see how well we can customize TypePad to integrate into our site template. Look for further updates soon.

TypePad template customized

It took all of about 30 minutes to customize our new blog template using TypePad's advanced templates. While not perfect, it's a good start and we plan to perfect the blog look and feel over time.(we are all about iterative development @ VR!)

VMware Fusion vs. Parallels - Why should I change?

As a long-time computer user I’ve worked extensively with many different platforms and operating systems. On the day-job side of things desktops were inevitably windows based in order to support mundane documentation, presentations, etc. It was easy enough to console out to a linux box, after all.For my personal systems I gravitated towards Linux and once the Intel Macs came out made the switch to OSX. I won’t go into the details here, but as many who have experienced this I felt like I should have made the change far earlier. Change is difficult. People ...

XV3 restrictions lifted

The wait is over... we have just unrestricted our  XV3 virtual server plans. You can order or upgrade to XV3 immediately.We've been working on quite a few other improvements and features as well for our next release. Check back soon for more details.We have also lowered the price of our XV1 plans to $24.95/mo as a September promotion.

Gentoo 2007.0 image updated

We’ve updated our Gentoo 2007.0 template. The new image includes the latest portage as of 9/2/2007 and the system profile has also been tweaked to point to 2007.0.If you’ve already installed a Gentoo virtual server, you can make these changes by performing the steps outlined in the Gentoo handbook . Note that this is not necessary but recommended. From the handbook: If a release (such as 2007.0 for x86) introduces a new profile, you have the choice to migrate to the new profile. Naturally, you are not forced to do so, and you can continue to use the old ...

September Updates

September UpdateWe’ve been looking at our own blog in our favorite readers here at VR and can hear the crickets chirping! <excuse>We’ve got a ton to say and share, but were swamped with VMworld last week and have been working away on our next major upgrade. </excuse>I thought I’d share a few of the things that we’re working on. To start with, our goal is to provide a high quality, stable environment. This is a fundamental belief that we have and you’ll see that mirrored in our service. Today we have a clear set of stable, self-service ...

VMware Fusion vs. Parallels - Update

In my earlier post I provided some of the reasoning behind why I’m experimenting with Fusion. This article focuses solely on the experience itself and how it relates to “upgrading” to Fusion on a mac with Parallels already installed.Step 1. Get FusionI downloaded and installed Fusion from the site. The install went seamlessly and I have a happy fusion icon right next to Parallels in my dock. On opening fusion you are presented with a VM screen and can create or download new VM’s.Step 2. Import VMImmediately missing is an option ...

Two CPU’s for the price of one

You spoke, and we listened! We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, every VR Virtual Server has two CPU’s available at no additional cost.Existing customers who want to take advantage of this have been upgraded already and simply need to reboot their machines in order to see the second CPU.Update: Instead of rebooting within the VM, please use the control panel to issue a full shutdown command, then issue a start command. We've determined that if you issue a reboot you may not see your CPU's.New customers may sign up for a plan at ...

Gentoo 2007.0 image updated

We've updated our Gentoo 2007.0. Enhancements include an update portage, as well as a fix for servers that hang when the "reboot" command is issued from the console.For existing customers with Gentoo servers you can apply this by editing /etc/conf.d/rc and changing the RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING setting to 'lo'. from 'no'.

New features released

As many of you have noticed we've just rolled out some new features. This is an incremental release that include stable changes while we continue to work on enhancing our service . The changes released are:Rescue mode . This allows you to boot to an emergency VM and access your primary servers file system. You can control rescue mode from the vclient and switch back to production status at any time.Reverse DNS for multiple IP addresses. For those of you with multiple IP addresses, you can now select 'DNS' to edit all entries, including your secondary ...

Fedora Core 7 support & FC5, FC6 EOL

We've added an image for Fedora Core 7 that is available immediately for installation. Subsequently, we will no longer allow you to provision FC5 or FC6. (If you're already running an FC server, you can upgrade your image via the normal yum upgrade procedures.)

October OS Breakdown

We're going to start sharing a breakdown of O/S usage for our service. Here are the numbers from October. The top three O/S are:Gentoo (46%)Ubuntu (39%)Fedora (11%)We'll continue to share this trend with you every month.

New vClient released (October .2)

We’re pleased to announce our second vClient release this month. This update continues to close on our feature outline and builds on the October .1 release .New features available include:Additional IP addresses . Purchase additional IP addresses directly from within vClient, without having to go to our billing system. Purchased IP addresses are also automatically aliased to your server. This allows you to add additional addresses within a few seconds without manual configuration. IP addresses are billed at $2/mo, per address.Reset root ...

Network Maintenance 01/02/2007

At 8pm pacific standard time, we will be performing an IOS upgrade on several border routers. Routes will be withdrawn before the change. You may notice a brief interruption as routes reconverge however impact should be minimal.Please open a support ticket if you notice any unusual behavior. The change is estimated to take 5 minutes.