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Mageia is a fork of Mandriva Linux, supported by a not-for-profit organisation of recognized and elected contributors.

Why might you choose Mageia?

Aside from our great distro, you mean? We?re a great community, and we?re getting better all the time. We care for each other, and in doing so, we try for the best user experience. We?d like to welcome you into our community, while making sure your Mageia installation is trouble-free and a joy to use.

What?s different about us? we?re completely community based, with everything that implies. Our organisation is community-driven; no commercial management can dictate the path Mageia will take; you as a Mageia user can have more say in the future of this distribution than anywhere else.

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Our team of developers, packagers, contributors, translators, sysadmins and testers have all worked super-hard to bring Mageia 1 to readiness on time.

And we?re all gratefully aware of the amazing work of people at Mandriva, KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, the Linux kernel team, the FSF and all the many, many people writing free software ? thanks to you all for inspiring us and making the great software that forms the foundation of Mageia.

We want to carry that further into the future and make Mageia the best we possibly can.


Mageia Deployable Images

We've created the following Mageia images that can be deployed instantly to any of our locations:

Image NameCreated
Mageia 12011-08-02 18:43:54
Image NameUpdated
Mageia 12011-08-02 18:43:54

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