Host Virtual Customer Reviews

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It's been one heck of a reliable box (currently up 1701 days without a reboot! If you'll recall that's when you had power infrastructure maintenance in the data was up for about 1000 before that.)

Hunter C

Great service!


I started using @vpsnet and after 20 mins don't want to use it again. @hostvirtual is much better than @vpsnet in every aspect.

Muhammad Wasif

Still the best vps host in the world @hostvirtual I have a prob at 13:40 on a Sunday and they have it fixed in under 5 minutes - awesome!

Chris Noldus

@hostvirtual Just wanted to give you guys a much deserved pat on the back for the great service you provide. Thanks!

Anuj Sehgal

@swewing oh I love @hostvirtual - am using them for all my USA stuff. Mark is awesome.

Ben May

@hostvirtual = awesome service - highly recommended for all your virtualisation needs.

Chris Noldus

I <3 @hostvirtual


hostvirtual Just been looking at your server health status... Green icons throughout available history and 100% uptime... Thanks!

I have my Gentoo Linux Servers @hostvirtual. Really an awesome service. Thank you very much guys for all your support.

v!n6ǝ†ǝʁ ǝ6ʁoɾ

Kudos to @HostVirtual. Using them for @BookDecay. In the Reston, VA datacenter. Did I mention there was an earthquake and we stayed up?

Steven Smith

Just amazing support and quality. The best host I've ever used. You guys ROCK!


Wow, Host Virtual has a staggering number of operating systems to choose from for a VPS. Perfect testbed.

Nick G

#FF to @hostvirtual the best service I ever had and with #IPv6 support #FTW

Gonzalo García

@hostvirtual Thanks for following guys. We use your service for a couple of our checking nodes and love it! Your customer service rocks too

Sentinel Monitoring

@hostvirtual Thanks! I'm extremely happy with hostvirtual so far.


@hostvirtual has freaking awesome support. Mark FTW.


From all the vps companies I've tried, has been the most reliable one.

Pavel N

Still think you guys are the best VPS provider out there!

John F

Great service, really like the whole package/product.


I have searched the internet high and low, read every article/blog/review I could find, and tried 4 VPS Cloud Hosting companies over the past 3 days. Out of all the ones I tried, Host Virtual is winning on every level. I'm impressed. Thanks.

Brennen H

@hostvirtual Thanks for super upgrade! To think some hosts still insist you have to re-install just because you up'ed your package! *thumbs*


Thanks for the help... you folks are awesome!

Perry P

@hostvirtual support is awesome - submit a ticket to pay them less money in the middle of the night and it gets taken care of promptly


@hostvirtual After working in IT for 20 years, I can say in all honesty HostVirtual is the best value with solid gold support.


@jack_daniel the have many pops. @hostvirtual used them for years. Solid, good support, ipv6 native, talk to Mark.

Andrew Strutt

@hostvirtual 6 min to solve a support request, is astounding. Well done and thank you.


@hostvirtual Only been with you a few days, but I'm very impressed with your level of service! Offering #Gentoo is a huge points winner!


@hostvirtual Thank you for your help with our server move last night!


@hostvirtual Thanks Mark M for answering all my support and forum questions so promptly and completely!


@hostvirtual AA Support.Tickets replied within minutes,excellent communication+services.Sticking with @hostvirtual for a long time


@hostvirtual Once again a very nice example of your excellent support. Help within minutes and willing to go the extra mile. Well done!


Shout out to @hostvirtual for the excellent customer service and server assistance. We couldn't be happier :)


Thanks @hostvirtual ~! Last night I just post a ticket to ask why my PPTP is so slow and you help solve the problem immediately :)


Thanks MarkM and @hostvirtual for the instantaneous and knowledgeable support, and double thanks for the quick repair! You guys are great.


@hostvirtual the best service I have ever had!


@hostvirtual rocks! They just resolved an issue I had with my VPS in a matter of minutes. I may move all my VPS servers to them!